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Cannabis Emporium

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Cannabis Emporium is more than a dispensary. It's the beginning of a community. It's the source of education & guided develpment towards a healthy routine. It's a safe space to bring loved ones who may be new to the growing cannabis culture as well as a hub for avid consumers. 

We are a first-name basis, all questions welcomed, leave with a laugh type of establishment.

With cannabis science constantly evolving, our brands are hand selected with care. Cannabis Emporium provides full spectrum relief, minor cannabinoid options as well as products infused with various adaptogens.

Our client consultation area is designed with YOU in mind. We offer individualized consultations upon requests. Not sure where to start? Let our trained staff ask a series of questions in order to understand your specific concerns and compile product information which could further alleviate your hinderances in addition to what has been beneficial thus far. 

Check into our Loyalty Rewards Programs in order to stay tuned on upcoming developments, guided care, weekly events, product promotion & MORE!!!

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